• About Our Company

    Explore and Inspired in Nordic Country

    We are:

    Nordic lifestyle and design consulting company, providing authentic design brand, study tour, educational program, and distributed channels toward Asia and China market.

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  • Nordic Design and Creativity

    We Introducing Design Brand From Nordic to Asia

    Leisure time

    Travel by living in a house or villa nearby lake and natural


    Ice skating tours on natural ice plus beautiful view


    Experience a Finnish sauna in the land of its origin 

  • Genuine Local Atmosphere

    We Offering Nordic Lifestyle Experience


    The traditional elements of a Finnish midsummer celebration

    Local food

    Except restaurant, try to make local food in family workshop to fulfill time fragmentation in the travel

    Music Festival

    Join a local music festival could be an impressive experience for those audiophile

  • Communication and Exchange

    We Creating Nordic Visiting and Study Program


    Loyly a new fantastic building in Helsinki worth to pay a visit


    It mixed historical context with modern elements

    Design Scene

    Design tour for study and research?

  • Outdoor lifestyle

    We Providing Exciting Yet Relaxing Nordic Vacation

    Student Camping

    Cmaping adventure connected the students to nature and inspired a thirst for knowledge and the outdoors


    The Sports Center is home to most Nordic people, for the whole family to enjoy

    Nordic Style

    Winter activity is one out of many traditional and interesting things to do in Scandinavia

  • Tailored Tour

    We Relizaing Amazing Nordic Dream

    Wedding Honeymoon

    Hundreds of resorts in Nordic country, it is an attractive destination for new couple in China

    Island tour

    Most people prefer to living in island with fresh air to enjoy the peaceful nature

    Nordic Christmas

    Tailored family active to join most tradition Christmas with Nordic family in a village

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